Indie's grandpa made a wooden bowl and sold it for $140 dollars (?) . He gave it all to us! We plan to give the money to Feed My Starving Children. Thanks so much Grandpa!
We collected this trash (and cans) some time around earth day! We are donating the money from the cans to charity! Look at all those bags! Woowoo! Thanks Iris, our neighbor, for helping us!!!
On the 17th of January, 2013, after reviewing a letter sent to us by the SPCA, we donated $180.82 to help save pets in Tompkins County. We made the donation in memory of Dale who we knew from Earth Arts, a camp were we played with clay and explored the woods near her house!
We received this nice letter from the SPCA shortly afterwards!
One day before going to the Boynton play production "Guys and Dolls" we decided to take handfuls of change and scatter them randomly around our block. We hoped this would make people happy. We also picked up trash and wrote nice messages on the sidewalk with chalk.
Today after our failed attempt at a snow fort, we decided to bake cookies. We didn't think we should eat them all by ourselves, so we decided to make them and give them to people who have to work outside today in the snow. When we drive by Wegmans and other places we often see people with cardboard signs and it makes us sad. We are thinking of handing out cookies to the homeless people we see around town.
Today we donated $50.16 to Boon Lott elephant sanctuary. You may wonder why the 16 cents. Since they're located in Thailand, they use Bahts. We actually donated 1,500 bahts, which translates to $50.16. YAY! We actually planned on giving them $305.00, but it felt weird to give money over the internet. We compromised for $50.

Today we cleaned the two shelves at Thea's house for a Shiny Clean job. Sorry for the bad picture! Anyways, this is the pantry we did. We took out all the food, scrubbed the shelves, organized the food, and then put it back. We also organized a Lazy Susan with the same process.

this is my little baby kitty her name is tulie! thea is her aunt!
love indie

Thea really wants a no clean aqarium. they are rely cool they clean themselves! -indie
You may be thinking "Wait a minute! I thought the tree was bent the other way!" and you are correct. Yesterday, after we put on our sign (read yesterday's post) someone bent the tree back (ouch!) and snapped it!!! This was definitely done by a person. Darn it. Oh well!