Indie's grandpa made a wooden bowl and sold it for $140 dollars (?) . He gave it all to us! We plan to give the money to Feed My Starving Children. Thanks so much Grandpa!
Today we donated $50.16 to Boon Lott elephant sanctuary. You may wonder why the 16 cents. Since they're located in Thailand, they use Bahts. We actually donated 1,500 bahts, which translates to $50.16. YAY! We actually planned on giving them $305.00, but it felt weird to give money over the internet. We compromised for $50.

On this Sunday (June third) we will be donating $245 to the first day school at the Quaker meeting house on 3rd and Madison to add to their savings for a Heifer gift ark ( which will provide 15 pairs of animals to people in need that will save lives!