As the movie states, we found a tree with a major crack either from a storm or a person. Watch the video to find out how we we gave the tree some love. We are starting a new movie series also: SCTV (see the title of the movie) SC for shiny clean.
Our post about the kittens is here! THE KITTENS>>>
The one on the far left is Bo, middle is Noel, and far right is Autumn. Thea "owns" Noel and Autumn and Indie "owns" Little Bo. Dad told us not to name them. Oh well. Their nest was under the wood pile behind them. We saw their mama cat once, but she went away. The picture doesn't reveal the full cuteness, but it's good enough.
We pose proudly for a picture next to our first two piles of wood.
We a check from Chuck.
This is the pile of wood AFTER we stacked the wood shown below! AFTER! It was bigger before!
There is two layers of wood here. There is another wall of wood behind this one. And we stacked all of it!
After we stacked the piles of wood to the left, we also stacked this!
A Friend, Chuck, from Ithaca Meeting offered to give us a job. We accepted, of course! At 1pm Tuesday, Aug. 7 (2012) We journeyed to their house in Slaterville. Upon arriving, we greeting him and stared at their feral kittens. They were a week or two old. SO CUTE. We tool pictures, but we don't have them right now. You'll see them eventually. Promise! When Larry and Chuck weren't looking and the kitten strayed close to the pile, we didn't want anything bad to happen to them (what if a piece of wood fell on one?) so it was necessary to move them and in the process we accidentally cuddled them and named them. Oops! Oh well. AND Larry and Chuck caught us, kitten handed! :) Anyway, we had fun. When we needed it, dad inspired us and the second pile went twice as fast! (we got tired) We earned 56 dollars at 7 dollars an hour per kid. OHHH YEAH. And in case you don't feel like doing math, we worked 4 hours. Look for our next post on the kittens.



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For our next donation, we will be giving to BLES (Boon Lot Elephant Sanctuary). BLES strives to rescue and protect the elephants of Thailand from abuse and ultimate extinction. They provide a safe home for elephants where they focus on individual survival and growth in numbers. BLES allows elephants to interact in a natural environment that encourages breeding. They are deeply committed their village community and provide jobs and homes to several mahouts and their families. (see their website)

There will also be an elephant figurine auction at Boyton middle school from 6:30 to 8 on Thursday, June 14 to raise money for this splendid organi
On this Sunday (June third) we will be donating $245 to the first day school at the Quaker meeting house on 3rd and Madison to add to their savings for a Heifer gift ark ( which will provide 15 pairs of animals to people in need that will save lives!